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tv   Book TV In Depth  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 12:00pm-3:00pm EST

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rg>[ do this, thank you jennifer. >>caller: >>guest: think he always surprised to come >>host: and now we have your best buy of the day coming up. out on this. [♪ music ♪] >>host: hi everyone thank you for shopping at hsn.we are delighted to have your company. i will be here for two hours of electronics. when it comes to electronics you are looking at the number one selling tablet in the country. with only 22 shopping days left until christmas this is the one that you want. to ms. pit is the best value of the hit it comes [♪ music ♪] >>host: when it comes 7 in. tablets this is it
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is the no. 1 in the country it a dual core processor that is faster than ever is 40% faster than the previous model. it is faster than ever. beautiful screen. everything you need in an incredible exclusive configuration to hsn. this is a wifi tablet when you have wi-fi in your home or a coffee shop or a bookstore you will be able to use for absolutely free. this is a fast ereader the net, whatever you would like to do it will be in your hands. not will you get the brand new 7 in. kindle fire with the dual core process there. also get $25 simply to impress a voucher for shopping. stylusand earbud spot. your usb cable for judging is included.
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been ordered that is half of our quantity is on its way to an early sell-off with free shipping and handling and 5 flex payments. this is your chance own the best of class. aaron berger is joining us to show us how this works and let us know why this has beenfire with the kindle fire >>guest: ll be using them] this is the popular 7 in. tablet in the country. this is what it has been on fire in the country and at hsn.this is the best-selling7 in. tablet in the country. the first time we have had free shipping and handling and 5 flex payments. this will be the last tablet for the air. you do not want to get a known name tablet you would like the kindle
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fired tablet. e tablet [reading] >>guest: lowest price in the country to get this home at $40 with a dual core love 8 gb of memory but you have unlimited storage in the amazon cloud. you can download millions of books not fill up your songs. when you go to the mall to get a tablet or13 pad they have fixed memory. those are not based the infrared operating system. this is.--
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is on the android operating system. plays flash video. that is not true of the more expensive tablets. memory in the amazon appstore you also get a great package. you get the kindle fire, stylus, earbud the $25 simply to impress voucher. this has been popular today because it the most popular tablet of its size in the country and we the best package anywhere. >>host: when he says the best value what store and the world will let you pay for this over the13 five months absolutely positively with no interest. if you your credit card you will be charged $39.99, we will take car the
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shipping and handling. add tax to the first payment. what are you the kindle fire air. this is not a surprise or who is that? this is the kindlein., this is the perfect gift idea. i love this size for the kids or the grandparents they love the 7 in. it will fit in the palm of their hand. it is easy to will quickly respond to what you want to do. 3 cows skinny it is. it is west than -- c13 skinny it is. the case has been extremely popular >>guest: the color pink just sold out. we have black and
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white, we do love other cases once this 1 sells out. this is a nice style this is the final two colors and i think they are fabulous. if you like the case, and out is the great time to get in on the case.there are 1000 cases and we are not getting any more, good luck. that is my best advice. tanda people are calling and i have done a couple of presentations obviously because 17,000 are gone. at the end of my presentation we normally have 300 or 400 people on hold.if you call us now there is a whole situation, and in other five minutes there will be a hold situation. is a great credit to call us early. i want to show you the
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browser. this a brand new candle is the kindle fire they have added great new things. browser zoom to remind you it is under $40 to get this home. one good thing silk web browser art deco0% faster --- with the silk browser is it will download anything 40% faster. everything will% have a quicker experience. you will wait on a tablet less. 6 c13 the it is all of the things that we have used on the kindle will automatically populate to the carousel. it is easy
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to navigate to a another web site as well all you have to do is press on the navigation and it will bring up a keyboard for you. if i would like to look at pictures look tell beautiful the screen it is. simple to do. i can home screen. i have national geographic magazines. i was looking at those earlier. facebook mat quest. this is a free application that you can download. -- map quest. this ways 8 oz and is super do precision [electronic voice] -- super thin. this has a gps13 download the application. if you
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are connected to the internet it will tell you where to go. it will say it for you. en [laughter] would you rather navigate on this or that? the 7 in. screen is the most popular size in the country. that is a great size.a lot of people are asking how i am magically holding this tablet. i am using the hand e holder,the information which shows that the bottom of your screen. this will hold any size tablet with you have the 7 in. or a 9 in. tablet it does not matter.removable so you can put it into a case. i think the hand e holder is smart for your tablet and makes it easy to
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use. >>host: all you have to do is just touch it. workout it fits in the palm of your hand. it is the perfect size. this response 40% faster than the last model. not us mage, 40 percent. days. we did not like to wait, that is not an option we want it fast and we won a response.this tablet will respond. this is not just any tablet it is the candle fighter dle fire. have a full- sized tablet an additional two and ereader. are watching television on it and you do not see type of delay is fastscreen, it is all
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touchscreen i will not touch it because something will happen. that is the beauty and the simplicity of it. it is easy and fun it makes technology find it does not have to be complicated you feel stupid. there are tablets out there that are complex to use. do not use them, the kindle fire is no. 1 and its class of the 7 in. for a reason. people have used it and loved it. i thought we were having four flex payments so i am thrilled to death that we have 5 flex payments and freesia bank and handling. that is why we are approaching a almost 18,000 on today -- i love the free shipping and handling. i love the
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way that this works >>guest: about to play a game i am new to this game called cut the rope. 1 to stock it is all you what to is cut the ropes. that is addictive. people have been asking me how is this different from typical android tablet? a lot of things quite frankly. this is an android based tablet that is number one operating system in the country. amazon has taken and the typical operating system and made it more simple. they have their own user interface like the carrousel3 showing you earlier. to finish my like other android operating systems this does play flash video and the amazon cloud you have done it limited memory. for anything
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that you buy from amazon will be stored in cloud for free you can download to the parts content.ou also have 8 gb for other downloads. you about the support it is extraordinary support. [reading] >>guest: if you call with a question give them your number and will call you as soon as there is representative available. only one other product that i know that6 c13 good as support is the samsung laptop coming up later this hour. about the amazon appstore.i
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love it. in this one is the top in the country. there are tens of thousands of applications available. that are angry birds in tons of office programs. anything that you can think of there is an act for that in the amazon appstore. everyday you would get eight application that you would normally pay money for four free -- wind application that he would normally get for free for one day. today it is conundrum. i do not know much that one. normally it is 99¢. you do is bring the worms to their goals that is conundrum. that was critical. that is free today. that are
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thousands that are always for free, but every day they have one that is normally paid for for free. there are also 1.2 million books that you can buy and millions of one's for free that are in the public domain. one good thing about having an amazon kindle fire anything that you have downloaded from amazon before maybe you had the original kindle (...) to download any of the books it will download automatically. use amazon to watch movies this will automatically play across your devices. that is like having a central place at the amazon appstore to go >>host: faster.let me talk about the convenience of the 7
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in. tablet. it is simple easy, portable. there are truly so many uses for this. this is special. it is the lowest price will ever done on a kindle fire. it will be the lowest price that you will see on a 7 in. tablet for the rest of year right here at hsn. why not get one of the best in class? this is no. 1 seller in the 7 in. category is in my hand. at the stores you will not get $25 gift certificate to simply to impress. you can go shopping for christmas cards or whenever you want. in addition you will receive the stylusand the usb charger you just plug that into a computer for charging. everything that is included. you haveus tablet for your family. pivot gorgeous tablet for yourself. when it
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comes to e readers this one. this is simple to do. we have 5 flex payments today. do not miss out this will sell out. it is going to sell out earlier that we anticipated. 5 flex payments and free shipping and handling. if you would like to send this as a gift we will send it for free. all you have to do is pick up your or shop by remotecam we have almost 700 people ordering this is your moment in time to grab something that is truly special. this is not just to tablet. it is the kindle fire. >>guest: at the end of the presentation and the majority will be spoken for it is only 12 if you order
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now we will ship it immediately we will get it to you right away. we cannot guarantee that later. because this does so many things such as internet and watching video, we forget to mention that this our little kindle made its name by being the best he reader that you can get your hands on. this has text to speak. you give this to a child or a senior that is having any type site can choose to have the book read to you. [electronic voice]
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>>guest: that not incredible? this is a fairy tellale. pretty amazing to open your butt and have it read to you and then use the internet -- opened the internet. you can have applications to download. you can hop onto office pro i haven't microsoft have a microsoft excel spreadsheet. this is a device what everybody is for work and for play.i will tell you about kindle free time that allows parents to choose where their kids do >>host: love the parental controls.
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we lillian calling from massachusetts i understand this is coming trio, is this for you or as a gift? >>caller: it is for me >>host: fabulous have you had a candle before? >>caller: -- kindlehave an older one that is not back slit said you cannot read in the dark. you need a light when you are in bed.this one is lit up so i think this will be better >>guest: my mother told me the exact same thing last night! i was driving over the bridge to work i did not realize that my mother has the original kindle thing i wished that it ibacklit told her this one is >>caller: i have a question. i will be going to for my 85th birthday over new year's eve, i go through the airport the x-ray
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machine affect this? >>guest: you will not have a problem sending it through.they might ask you to send hurt it. this is 20 times stronger than plastic it is an incredibly durable tablet. >>caller: i would keep this in my carry on >>guest: it will be fine >>caller: film >>guest: no it will not be affected at all >>caller: then i am all set >>host: enjoy your trip to london >>caller: that is my home town and i have not c13 for years. my grandson is taking me from my 85th birthday -- i have not been back for years >>host: not miss out
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on desks today your eader backlit? will read to you and has incredible internet speed and c13 battery life. theresa from california pioneers did you love to read so this is why you made this choice >>caller: amazon and i am a nursing student i needed a tablet for school and i love the candle -- kindle s well >>host: it is not just about having something that looks great it is the speed. it is 40% faster than the previous versions it will be such a pleasure to use it >>caller:
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absolutely. i cannot wait to get it. i am excited. the cover the fantastic.i am really looking forward to getting it. >>host: we will send it out right to you, check the front a week. enjoy your holidays and have fun with this >>caller: thank you so much and take care >>host: i need to update you on the case is about to sell out. have 1000 remaining and only black and white. add that case to you order it will only one more presentation before it is gone. item 099-849. we will have one more presentation but if you go to click buy now that will hop to to the front of the line. >>guest: vof -- menu, you
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have parental controls that allow you to set upe free tie that is a and included service that allows have your kids use can have a into yourself and your kids.% not get into your e- mail audiophiles or the books dress duffle be private. -- they will not get into your e-mail audiobook. you can let them use it for as much as you would like to. it will be your rules because it will be your kindle >>host: you can use the flex payments. here is the case we are down to 200 and the way that he is holding in his hand. there will be gone by the next presentation. we have 700 or 800 in the black $29.95 it
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will fit it perfectly and keep it protected. over 1000 people are in the ordering process. do not miss out on yours. people are ordering more than one because of the flex pay. if you are thinking about sharing, get you are on. especially if you are taking a together and you will read and surf the internet and look at pictures and have some fun. in 15 minutes we have an amazing computer >>guest: 13 price windows 8 we have had at hsn >>host: and is an incredible computer i will see you in a minute. stay in the ordering process. while you are there pop this into your shopping cart.+ you know anything about camera as you know that the olympics with -- with 14 mega pixel and 24 times zoom. that is the
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steel and we are down to final quantities. that could sell out during the presentation. this is from samsung one of the biggest in the latest in the world of technology. they have half a terabytes in terms of memory. we have a great camera from olive is coming out. but first the spotlight at hsn --camera from olympus >>host: welcome to the spot light spot by the hsn arcade to check out the fashioned tale holiday hunt game. find your favorite items while earning arcade tickets. gunmen and play more and more to earn tickets and used those tickets to win the items that you found plus a $500 hsn gift card.what about everybody
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else? check out the gift store on avoid the and beat the rush to find a variety for everybody on your list. more. we have special6 c13 and flex pay. we will take care of your needs at [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you for joining us on the kindle fire. we are very busy while
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you are there you will want to add this from olympus. 14 mega pixel and look at the mask of zoom. 24 hour timer optical zoom. -- 14 mega pestl pixel and a massive with a 24 time optical zoom. it has 30 different scene modes. pet mode, beauty mode so it will make you look better than you do in real have magic art filters issue could not believe we can do with this camera includingshooting. i have a handful of you that can on the black. that on the red camera -- that own the
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bed camera including myself and kathy wolf and lori leland. about this fabulous camera. -- bill lovely lori leland is here. [reading] >>host: we have sold over 9600 of these i have the 1383 to go around. this could actually sell out in this presentation so if you would like it drop this into the shopping cart with the kindle fire >>host: we have presented this a few times and everyg process goes nuts. this is one of the
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best pockets size you have magic art filter and 24 time optical zoom $37.49 per flex payment is great >>guest: this might be the last camera that you buy for years to come because you have a whopping 24 optical zoom. it is only 7.5 good friend tom at olympus says the best camera you have will be the one that you take with you. this will fit into your handbag and you will use it over and over again because of the great features and a great price. i have a feeling that everyone will be gone. you have 1 touch button 2720 p video cell this also a high- definition camcorder an addition to a great camera. this is a great way to capture the holiday
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memories. let us talk about the image capture they are known for g groundbreaking lens4 scene modes 30 of them art in automatic mode. we pet mode went the camel seize their face it will automatically released. -- mode that will automatically shudder when you see their face. sometimes you have to get closer to your subject for a great picture. the 24 timesill take you closer than ever. a 24 wide angle lens will get everybody in the shot. if you had 6
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chime optical zoom you will be taken here that is a nice shot. look at what you the b12 time optical zoom now we can see more details. here is an 18 times zoom that is impressive the 24 times zoom you can seat central park and the people and the boat they are wearing red shirts.this is where we started. with the whopping zoom you are going to this with the groundbreaking lens technology. it will take you miles.if you have the nosebleed seats when your kids are performing and the play this will take you closer >>host: you will not have to take a step back to get everybody in shot and that you cannot see them. you
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can get the quality. this is truly one of the cameras that you love. i have this my host pick buff 4. i love it so much. -- before.get to vote on the items that we want to be a host pick and we love this camera.we only have a few remaining, you will see eight remaining counter. there are only a handful 0 remaining in black. ordered a few more in red because it is the best seller. now is the sign. it -- the time. in the ordering process i only have about 800 remaining. this is not just any camera this will take 3dsequential
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i call that a fashion1 after the other. you will have the ability to take a picture the best quality with the 24 time optical zoom >>guest: will talk about the beauty mode in detail you will look better in the pictures before or after the picture. i assure you that live in a moment but i want to show you the zoom again. you can go from this to seeing katie with a beautiful 24 mm wide angle shot now you can get more information and the picture. you can see her rosy and the freckles on her nose. let us talk about the fact this is 14 mega pixel as have a dual image stabilization for a crisp and clear picture. here is one of my favorites is a stargazer early --
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lil thatyis beautiful i have blown up and enlarged -- lily. specter is in one of my better terms, i love it so i feel that i can touch itget damp the water droplets and tunnels would get a key from the pollen. e are the details. he 14 mega pixel will give you the best image quality that you are looking for and then some >>host: do not look at the black it has just about. red is the number-one selling color -- this camera is the one that you want to take with you. when you get it in your hand look this size of the is 3 in.. let's
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get the 24 time optical zoom. beat statistics on this camera is outstanding. to get 14 mega pixels with the olympus name. it is olympus quality. that zoom is off the charts fabulous. this isrence of miles and miles to get closer to your subject. 4 flex payments of $37.49. we will keep you posted on the quantity that is left but this is red hot. if there are any left after this presentation, the four flex payments will go away at midnight but we do not expect to have any left. you $140 worth of software i cannot wait for you to try this. it will fit into your pocket but it has 30 different scene modes >>guest:
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intelligent automatic will choose betweenthose casinos for you. -- scene modes for you could. leave this in automotive. eight held this without a tripod on a super windy day in and out of the boat to see that that is a friendship. i love that you can see the details, there is a freighter in the there he is. know what it was and it satisfied my curiosity. there is my husband i love his smile. i'd like to show you about the sequential
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shouting -- preprofessional ills this is what the olympus camera does. you would not expect to shoot 10 frames per second. zoe is about to hit the water now she is splashing and that it is all water from there. this camera is incredible to do that and take pictures of your dogs and cats. zoom 24 time optical even in video and we have not talked about the magic art 2 filters >>host: shooting it will capture the action in a perfectly now we to talk about the beauty mode. it is amazing. the lot of these features and a camera that is%
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$149.95. what he would spend to get a lens that would give 24 time optical zoom. they have had not had this technology in the past to have the telescopic zoom on a point and shoot. you can now access information visually from miles away. we saw central park from miles away. that is incredible. you have 30 different scene knows she will show you my favorite the beauty mode in a moment. that are many reasons to like this.get it home $37.49 on your credit card. i have less than 900 remaining for all of you. that 600 of you and the ordering process. $150 worth of software. there are about 900 left.this camera is
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special and it is loaded with $150 for the software is by getting the camera as a bonus >>guest:fee included software you can make christmas gift or holiday cards. here is a cool feature i will access the menu by touching the menu but and i have a beautiful picture of colleen lopez and anji corley. if you have forgotten to put this in beauty mode before the bid to a you can adjusted after it it has been taken.i can clear skin , spot goal pie, and dramatic eye. -- sparkle will add new life to the picture now look how the skin is clubbing. they were beautiful before but now she has been airbrushed --6 c13
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glowing. >>guest: here is another thing to note the pet modeautomatically detect the faces of pets, dogs and then release the shutter. how many times do you miss their faces because they move too the olympus can capture that without you pressing a cool is that? >>host: this is a customer pick www.hsn.comthat is that the high price this is the lowest price ever. this is exceptional. not good or great this is exceptional.
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is just like a telescope. it will make a big difference.this takes panorama. 30 difference scene mode, but this in the automatic mode will be done. this is so simple to use. we will even orderly easy for you. we have 700 left but 600 in the ordering process. with the flex payments they will go away if there are any left you have $150 for the software. >>guest: this has a crazy zumbaz. zoom. ground optics designed you normally cannot get this much is zoom in a point and shoot. you will not miss any single moments.
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you will also get the panorama mode to automatically shthatthey top- of-the-line option. you can just line up your shots by lining up the can go up and down or lileft right. now you can get the whole christmas treeplay under camera. it has never been easier to take it for autographs. to take great photographs. i happen to love the color lori alyce caron, and kathy wolf all on the color red. 220 shots on a single battery charge to do not have to take it out you can just plug
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your camera to the wall or computer if you prefer that way. it is a great rechargeable battery that will allow you to take pitches for days before recharging the battery. that a great feature. >>host: >>host: that is a great feature on great camera. this is easy to and sophisticated. you have 30 different scene mode. stains. in the ordering process and you will have yours. i love your camera >>guest: i love your camera to >>host: we have great tasting cameras. it is all about the beauty mode. we love it. -- great taste in cameras. can delphi is the best -- kindle the best-selling 7 and doublet 1/3 ever
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20 is totally gone today --the kindle fire is on fire today. this is the second time i have been able to bring you a samsung laptop. aaron berger join us. marlo is coming up with her holiday host picks [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank so much for us said hsn. we invite you to shut the show. have the today's special coming on at midnight, they are herkimer earrings. join us a big night for great things to share with you. it is hard to hold, samsung has the most and cutting edge technology in the marketplace today. you know the samsung galaxy is one of the best tablet out there. we have
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15.6 in. beautiful laptop is so beautiful you have to see it. choose from silver or black. you have 4 gb of ram and have the terabytes in terms of storage.3 8 is inside and the ability to use a touchscreen on the mouse. have the capacity of touchscreen pad that you can use or you could use the mouse. berger is joining us again to show how this works >>guest: this is exciting >>host: is the second time i have offered a samsung it had >>guest: only been twice per year we would do it more if we could. this is the lowest price samsung computer we have ever done. it is here is that we are offering and it has windows 8. we have
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the capacity of touch grad. that is the sound. here is everything you get your computer today is very exciting package [commercial] [reading] that software suite is worth five -$61. it is like we are giving you a computer + $30.that is extraordinary bi. can count the times we have done free shipping on one hand [reading] >>guest: have something different choose the black or silver i am partial to the stainless silver it feels like stainless. this is
12:50 pm
totally different about the samsung it is the computer that has this a lifetime of toll free support based in the united states. why is that important? you will be using windows 8 that isbrand new operating system you have never used before and you might have questions [reading] >>guest: do you realize how service? you can easily $200 per year for support for the computer. you will get a lifetime of support.
12:51 pm
l make you feel great if you are getting a computer with the extras. uh oh >>host: we have been crazy busy today thank you for your orders on the olympus camera.the color silver is the most the best selling now. do not miss it. we are including $561 worth of software we will >>guest: show you the software full versions and not expiring software. if we were to get into the car and drive to the software store we would need 5 of $100 bills and then another $61. [reading]
12:52 pm
>>guest: you get all of the software but most importantly is the power of the computer with the windows 8.when those eight is the fun and and because you had applications. i will show you how to download because that is exciting. you have the power of a computer.
12:53 pm
again about windows 8 for a minute, we could act like this as windows 2000. i want to talk about bad debt but the but you get a dual processor inside-out if it is called a apuand accelerated processing unit. your graphics processor and the central problem is just one piece of hardware. but in the past it was half to get to three different things to get your information. we have cut that down to two. that means it runs faster,burner. when you stream nenetflix or
12:54 pm
use the videora that everything will be faster and smoother. if you are patient impaired like me if i sit and a computer and i see a stupid circle or an hourglass i say to myself is this how i have to spend my life? you do not have to. is fast and light weight with a long battery life. 6-11 hours of battery life. this is a faster computer as well. and as the 500 gb hard drive that is half of the talon bite -- terabyte mike at home has third amount of the hard drive. when i thought that that was big but now you needed bigger because our files are in high- definition the files are bigger. a 14 mega pixel camera it
12:55 pm
takes a bigger file picture bit ups [reading] >>guest: those were two things i said that are three things you have the dual core processor, gigantic tie drive, 4 gigabyte of ram -- gigantic hard drive. >>host: it is a breeze to order. have you shop3 us before? flex payments that means on your credit card it will be of, there is no interest a flex pay. there is also no with the hsn card. do you have one? it takes two minutes to sign up. you will get $20 off your first purchase. the
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beauty you can finance this for nine months at $58.80 over the next nine months you will not have to wait for your computer because this is not layaway. we do not do that.6 c13 send this to you. you can finances over nine months without interest. this is an awesome time to upgrade to samsung.innovators in electronics today. sometimes it is nice to just be beautiful. this is one of the most buriti laptops. -- tty lapioptop is still. is out selling the black that i love it is a beautiful matte black . we have incredible as of occasions and will provide hundred dollars worth of software. the software is worth the price of admission on this.
12:57 pm
do not miss out on samsung technology. he will love windows 8, at my earring just fell out (...) that will not be going far. that is a great today's special coming up. windows 8 and samsung technology will work together to give you cool and fast experience. much for its space and now. >>guest: i will talk you through windows 8 and then i will show you graphic the beautiful it is. you can play videos. you have the samsung support. you have the nice -- tiles, automatically update they are
12:58 pm
live and they are dynamic. this whole experience is easier and it is dynamic. it does take some getting used to because it is different. taken the joy and excitement of a smartphone or tablet and then match that with the cover of a computer. that is what windows 8 is to me. your6 c13 expert periods exciting and fun. experienced exciting and fun. >>guest: i think we sell best computers available anywhere. samsung is a step above. and i think of the best s of sony and samsung. you sony today you are taking a stepped up to this brand.6 c13
12:59 pm
televisions in the world and some of the best tablets and the world. they make a ton of great smart phones. i think they make great visual images. this is a gorgeous screen. everything about this computer is seamless. i call this a concierge computer. i feel this is a step up from the other computers out there. this is a better computer and a better brand it is certainly a prestige brand. even the finish on it. you have a beautiful black matte or the silver. it even feels different it feels like it is a higher quality. alyce caron shaking her head i wish that you could reach through and feel it. i will hop onto windows 8, get ready to have your mind blown is different than the other operating systems >>host: cannot
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forget about the 5 flex payments and a free shipping and handling. do c13 forget about your hsn card [reading]
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>>host: to have you chat us on live chat. whenever chatters says she loves a samsung laptops.we never get to do a samsung laptop at this value--one of our(...) .and you would not believe what a difference this will make in your life than ever before. this can be sent to for only five flex payments $105.90, free shipping and handling technology is now a lot of fun choose black or silver you how works
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as we continue on. silver is getting really limited. do not miss out on this fun technology. >>guest: it is a whole different thing, the experience. the visual experience. you can see figure scream, and my fingers. --you can see the now from the top down i did this crop, deletes, or rotate the photographs. many of these things are based on the emotions you make all the touchpad. --the
1:03 pm
motions you make on the these little guys are called tiles. styapp and you can add at those as many titles or apps as you want. -- tiles.depth. this also has a map application included. if i
1:04 pm
want to look at this differently, you can see this it goes down to map style. this is a literally wears hsn is. we are it is pretty extraordinary to this kind of thing. here is your room key. home button. maybe on nervous than you want to go to the traditional windows seven look. this is your desktop.this is like windows seven, the+ that you know and love. if you are
1:05 pm
familiar with windows seven already, you can go back to your desktop. it is easy to play back videos. stall for itinstalled.if this lets you go from the business and it to the fun and. end. i showed you microsoft store and the applications something else built into windows seven travel tab. today it talks
1:06 pm
about new orleans. everybody always talked about how good the food is in new orleans. it is per yet it is like paris only spicier product--it is like paris, only. here is a taken from underneath the eiffel tower. in zoom on anything. windoweightwindows eight is more interactive. . now
1:07 pm
monday through friday, you toll-free phone support and it is united states based. [reading] >>host: this is 24 hours ays a week. live chat. you can get help. who does that? who gives you five months to pay for it. ? this is full- sized software, you can do this for five months. or if you have the hsn and there is no fee for this. you can finance this
1:08 pm
computer and laptop over the next nine months. make a do silver or black. when we talk about the quality you are going to get, thelogy samsung technology. samsung innovation.with your brand new windows eight, the ultimate use your experience the technology is faster and easier ever before print incredible in- of the speed that you get.t does not heard that it is really beautiful as well. you are going to love this. >>host: c13 well >>guest: you might as well by one that looks good and a
1:09 pm
half to mention this the extended return policy, this time of year if you get this as a gift for yourself, this is a huge deal. most computer stores have a 15% restocking it could cost you $80 that is not true on hsn.we want you to be surprised and delighted i know you will with our limited quantity this is the lowest price we will allow for the rest of the year it is the most powerful you get one of the top brands in the you get windows eight. again, some many of us pay $100 or more every year to make a phone call. you do not need to do that
1:10 pm
anymore. digest make a phone call for the life of the computer that begins in a quick walk around the computer provide something i love about this computer it has elevated everything, the dvd player is absolutely beautiful print this is ready to go. i am so happy for you there is something bringing home a new computer. you open this up and you are like ok, it will run faster, you could go to your computer all day long every day.think about how many times you go to your computer. you will
1:11 pm
use the deserve a better computer brilliant boots you know if your computer is about it. the out the. if you give this to a student as a gift you have a lifetime of support. for their high school career, college career they will have support it is one of the best things that money
1:12 pm
can buy. now we want you to look at the software, we give you $560 worth of additional software to get $30 more than you pay for the computer. [reading] [reading] >>guest: you can choose which of these you what to install. to purchase those on the market, it is a full version software program you are talking about $560.
1:13 pm
>>host: something else we want to talk about is the battery life. >>host: it is a huge deal a led backlit screen. it is a led backlit screen it is so incredibly thin. the battery life is better on this computer and because of processor which is more intelligent.
1:14 pm
>>host: if it runs out of batteries all of the time it does not matter. has an extended battery life. again, the innovations you care about. hsn you can split up those payments over nine months absolutely no interest. there really is no downside. is the incredible value. black item #227- 229. over 800 left in black areas. it is
1:15 pm
selling the fastest. >>host: a super >>guest: a super quick demonstration. now when i switched over to their right, it brings up on the right side of this screen, this bar. with one but then, you can email and save anything under do not need go through 15 different stocks. this email is ready to, you need to protect your computer with the viper anti-virus. -- amazon app stor anti- you let this and you never need to do another it will protect your computer for the life of your computer. you do not
1:16 pm
need to pay the maintenance fee. you pay just one time to protect up to 10 computers so that breaks down to $9 per computer. >>host: it is exceptional quality as well it has been so easy. it is 10 licenses for $89.95 you will want this to protect your investment. if you want the silver, get the silver,- and black is
1:17 pm
available >>host: and the best dog you of the day is coming up in a few minutes. please do not miss out on this is the day you get the number one selling 7 in. tablet we will get a full presentation in just a minute but your to sheba is also coming yet. now this will convert your videos into a dvd and it will up converted it is item #231-951
1:18 pm
under $200 or four flex payments under $50. and now the electronics department we you can pick up the cell phone, you can pick up other computers. stop3 camera do some shopping get ready the toshiba is coming at next --the toshiba is coming up next [♪ music ♪] >>host: and now we have a spotlight: giuliana rancic who is returning soon, with three brand new that have been saved for can pick up beatablbeautiful faux fur
1:19 pm
items, and checked them out onnesday at eight central on the stila network. style network. you can check out on keyword giuliana. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: now with
1:21 pm
this toshiba you can take care of video and you can copy to dvd with the push of one button. 13 231-951. >>guest: our last counter is coming in we have 1200 of these for the country. us to have videotapes, and there is just one factory in the world who still makes the is
1:22 pm
so difficult for us to even get these in. the problem with the vhs tape as we have our birthdays and anniversaries, mediumstable. they are not going to be ok. it just oxidizes the tape. now today with the touch of my soon to be world- famous one thing your demonstration. i can take my invidious pre videos from
1:23 pm
vhs to will go from normal definition to hyder definition. you will see and high definition for the first time. this will convert up to 1080 p. it will make all of the memories that you have, the higher quality per most of us have a d v r but this will record directly to it is not another monthly service fee. you can preprogram
1:24 pm
this to well you are away. -- whileyou are will record live television. one other thing to show you, if you have video tapes if you have recorders you can plug anything into the front of this. and it will record a can be a disk recorder, a tape recorder, you fill up your hard drive. let me show you how easy this is. on my screen, i
1:25 pm
have these thumbnails. these are thumbnail's i have recorded tog in my camcorder. have the thumbnails, and by the way 1100 of these remain. this is the final schedule presentation. i have eight different thumbnails. mode. this is a copy of a that i did with some friends many years ago prevent.i am playing this back. been here is
1:26 pm
my soon-to-be world famous figurefinger push the button that says and everything is being converted to you do not need to baby sit this. stop when it is finished. i will let alyce caron fill you in predict in a minute, there are nine refills. >>host: already really popular this always sellso not miss out. have a million of these these are going they are getting worse every single day i cannot
1:27 pm
even played these back. i kept my jvc camcorder. back. you do not need to worry about it anymore. what you really should do is play this back. put it on to a dvd get your space back.we have a chapter on live chat who loves this treat. --chatter you can copy your vhs to dvd you are looking at what is left. this is under 1000 left. remain, we
1:28 pm
expect this to be the final presentation. >>host: this has now moved over >>guest: has now moved over to my dvd when i am done filling out this i select finalize and this and playback on any dvd player. you could put all of these on 21--and to one dvd. b. if you have3 tape, it will look
1:29 pm
like this one day. it will work, the air we breathe degrades these. i want everybody listening totand it can be scary prie- dieu memories are not safe! your memories are degrading this as a great dvd player. it will up convert for you. your vhs tapes if you have the old mouse movies. sometimes you want to pop in a tape it will up convert it. and the minutes
1:30 pm
purchase something that will preserve your memories,can record from live television for my old tape player, i would love to do this demonstration. >>host: we have so many of you in the ordering process. use express ordering on your cell phone. it plays dvd and do not lose the memories. if aaron berger can do this anybody can predict >>guest: toshiba is a great name and the world. this is the
1:31 pm
one figure demonstration. it is taking a memories and making them safe. we have maybe 150 or 200 of these left. we are so happy to know you are taking this opportunity.we offered this opportunity a few times a year have one factory in the world we could find these that. have there is only one company left that makes the eds. heads.
1:32 pm
>>host: we do have one of these for you. we are glad you picked this up.but while you are there, get this at your kindle fire, only a few minutes away from the today's special. it is the no. one 7 in. tablet on the marketplace, five flex payments, free shipping and handling. i promise you should start to order this now.the designer gallery is coming up. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i know you have seen the infomercial but you need to seek anthony sullivan with your age to well markeo x great for garments water. we have white, great holiday gift.ings per getand we have 2 flashlights which are extendable. we
1:35 pm
have about 33 left for the day. is like a antenna.underneath the so far. we now go back to alyce with your best buy of that day. [♪ music ♪] >>host: over half our quantity is ordered for the day. this is not just any tablet it is the kindle fire. it is a incredible e it will read it to you it is not just the e reader, it is a
1:36 pm
is faster and it is better. it is an exclusive configuration. we are going to include for your case stylists, and you get $25 you can spend that simply to impress. is in my hand.--showis what is in my hand, you have a nine hour battery life. you are going to love the experience and that e reader is fabulous. ou could use express ordering you can use the five flex payments where you want to send this to. this
1:37 pm
to you anywhere you want. it is a phenomenal value and a fun experience. c13 >>guest: it 10:30 a.m. in the morning more than half of these are sold already. it is the top-selling 7 in. tablet and the country. everybody knows what the kindle fire is. have the kindle fire? this is what you should get it is the lowest price we have ever done on the kindle fire. it is the best price we have ever done our tablets, we know what we will do for the rest of the year. it is the least expensive tablet. expensive
1:38 pm
tablet before christmas. it is the lowest price we have ever done on hsn. this tablet response so quickly. whether it is not flex our office space. it is all there for you. let me give you the features under $200 it a incredibly feature pat tablet. it is 7 in.. it is the most
1:39 pm
popular screen, the most popular top of this size. --tablet will up load the web pages 40% faster. anything you download from amazon will be stored to the amazon cloud. tablets, it has a certain amount of memory. you have to start deleting if you purchase from amazon, you can buy as many things as you want. it will store it on the
1:40 pm
cloud for you. over 120,000 that, there are in fact 22 22 million things you can download from the candle store. kindle fire store. usually you would pay 99¢ or more for an application but every day they allow you to download one application for free. there are over 120,000 movies or television shows you can download.if your favorite four- letter word is of free books you can download. and 5 million subscriptions, i do not care your thing is, if you are
1:41 pm
into gardening if you're listening to music. and there is something everybody on the amazon app store bring this home for under $40 >>host: i was asking my father of the other day what books have you bought recently? he said why would i?they are all free. you'll love this experience. this is the number-one selling a tablet out there. incredible configuraton and it is the incredible
1:42 pm
value why would you wait and anything else, there are some tablets that happen to be a e reader this is a fabulous tablet.if i could talk for just one hour about the e reader capabilities. imaginez putting this in your kid's hand. you have the experience of reading (...) without carrying around the extra weight.6 c13 is the incredible folly. value you could ship
1:43 pm
this anywhere in the country. this is your simply to impress store we want to give you a quick update in terms of the cases for the everybody is picking up the we have 800 of these left. do have another case, if you what some color either when you what will be $29.95. red, and orange. do not forget the black the white we do have the color cases.
1:44 pm
>>host: this >>guest: this is closed and protected, then we have your handy holder. best thing you can add it to your tablet. you can this vertically horizontal lee and the handy holder is a great thing to have additionally. now, alyce caron said this is the e reader that reads to you. take a look at the book, it has be read it to me function printer. [electronic you get the
1:45 pm
idea it is nice to have this read the book to you. and we include something called amazon prime it is part of our value. we give it a month of this for free. about 108,000 titles which are like best+ not public domain like the harry potter series. everybody can borrow the harry potter series. when you go into the amazon app store you create a account.
1:46 pm
from that store you can download a lot of things. you can download applications, and your free @ of the day. --app of the , there are 22 million things you can download to get when you download these on your account not only are they stored on your candle device, if your candle is fully are also stored remotely on the image on serversamazon servers it is a seamless process.if you're candela is full, it was stored them for you on the amazon computers prehnite--if your kindle fire is fault it will store them on your m asam computers and. --if
1:47 pm
your kindle fire is a full13 them on your amazon computers. >>guest: >>host: we are crazy busy and i am glad you are shopping with us. we are counting down the days to that big day. maybe you do not know what give the kids every kid wants a tablet. when you put technology like this in their it could be grandma or grandpa.ive them the gift of something that connects them to so many opportunities. and then you will be able to surf the
1:48 pm
internet and do some shopping or listen to some music. it is 40% faster thanthis, under $200. seven-10 days, it is coming to your front doorfree item 099-849.maryland canmararilyn is now calling from kentucky do you already own this? >>caller: just purchasing this.
1:49 pm
what made me purchase this is when aaron berger was talking about the cloud. >>host: what do you like the cloud? >>guest: that you can keep adding and adding. >>host: do you like to do the (...) >>guest: a lot of people have been upgrading. >>caller: can you
1:50 pm
send me back? i need the case. >>host: have fun shopping for this. why haven't e ana e-reader (...) >>guest: the reading is great. this is a tablet. if you want to respond to any of your e-mail you can not open attachments. programs that will let you create then it in the deal., at that, and a
1:51 pm
vealedit, adn view microsoft documents. look at the screen at the quality of the video. this is an android based. the number one selling operating system and the country. it will play/videovthe tablet from13 shopping mall that cost $800 will not play/batik-/vid
1:52 pm
god. who would not go crazy over it tablet for christmas. who would not go crazy over a tablet for christmas. have some. will they include $25 for you to spend that simply to impress? over 22,000 ordered, make sure you get it is selling faster than anticipated price we have offered on a 7 in. tablet for the rest of the now have liza
1:53 pm
calling from louisiana. have you owned the e reader before? >>caller: yes i have that kindled keyboard which i use constantly. >>host: did know this is 40% >>caller: yes i am impressed with the dual core process. >>host: we are glad we made your dream come true for you. >>caller: thank you. >>host: 90 for shopping with us
1:54 pm
happy holidays complete--thank-you for shopping with us, happy holidays. liza is operating have you purchased your as yet?popp this will be 40% faster it is not just off the chart e reader. it is a great e reader. why in the world would you not just grab the top that? tablet. st: this is compared to the iphone screen. now the things i was
1:55 pm
scrolling through they allow you to pull out your most frequently used programs. they have taken android operating system and made it better and faster to this has a guide. it will tell you exactly where to go. i want to show you relative to mike iphone--my ipho ne the maps,
1:56 pm
video, lowest price we have ever done, and fair warning. with the majority of the gone, this is the final quantity is and the lowest price tablet we will have for the european--year. >>host: this an exclusive configuration. nobody else will ship this where you want it. and what other e reader will read to you. you, it is incredible. we now have from pennsylvania. will this be for you? >> >>caller: >>caller: yes it is. >>host: have you ever owned a kindle fire?
1:57 pm
>>caller: no i have not >>host: are you big reader? some >>caller: * i get a chance to write in a medical assistant in the work full time. >>host: did you pay for on flex pay? >>caller: yes i did >>host: why. wonderful, thank you for shopping you will have this in seven-10 days. happy holidays.only one minute left for you to take advantage of this project
1:58 pm
--this over half way down. gone. you can buy now. >>host: there are some of the fun things to do. >>guest: i was playing in reedbirds space. here are all of the programs that was using pre-- was playing angry birds space here are all of the programs that i was using. spend it 30 seconds to remind you of the teachers.
1:59 pm
compare apples to apples. . [reading] >>host: people are buying more than one of these because of the free shipping in the five flex payments per get you have until the end of january if this does not work for you you can return this, and this is your kindle fire the no. one seller in the ficategory. make this your best seller. today while we have five flex payments. at $25 to spend that simply to impress that come. 1000 of you are
2:00 pm
in the ordering process. i will be back 5:00 p.m. tomorrow with ferrara bakery party had i ever >>guest: back to 3:00 p.m.. >>host:13 next level see you tomorrow. [♪ music ♪] >>host: happy holidays from hsn. my name is bill green. this was supposed to be premier of the magic bullet nutribullet. it sold palette. add this to your wish list and we will let you know when is available -- this sold out. you will get the natural foods book an
2:01 pm
actress to do not get in the infomercial or in public.this is coming and the show the bell + howell iscope extendable flashlight they are extendable and flexible so you can pick things upr this sow fuss if you dropped something. they are under $10 apiece --andrea sew frounder yourofa. predict a lot of sell of so-called early. a lot of people shopping today it. to help you keep warm have the heat surge amish-made roll-n- glow or accent fireplace. we haven't improved graphics the stone dead fish to the look of a burning fireplace. --we have in proof the
2:02 pm
graphics to look like a burning fireplace we have the accent $299 or the roll-n-glow $349.95. that is a customer pick on also have a hearth that is the draw you see in the images to you can store your things. are solid wood construction. made by the amish shipping and handling. item #099- 073. i am in my hand a product that is called the h2o mop x5. it is a 5 and 1 steamer at hsn 200,000 have been sold. we have great palace. we have holiday read and holiday right --
2:03 pm
great colors the have the color red and the other white. when used this on a hard surface it will kill many forms of bacteria andviruses including equal like --sullivan you know him he is representative for this amazing x5 >>guest: it has been 20 years since i came to the network >>host: but i remember that >>guest: happy holidays >>host: happy holidays my friend >>guest: this is an outstanding value if you have a lot company, no way you can clean with the power of steam. this is a floor steamer a6 c13 mat a handheld steamer, a window glass and mirror cleaver, this is garment cleaner it will clean wall to wall and everything in between.
2:04 pm
everything that i show you today is included that are a couple of extras available. >>host: we will get to the demonstration but to give you a heads up we have the most in the other red for the holidays. if you would like the white we 399 buffer the entire visit to an holiday season. if they sell out they will not be back until shipping you have 3 flex payments riches brilliant. which -- is a brilliant. he may have seen the infomercial but at this price. you will receive all your accessories including the extension house, coral cloth the mop fought hard floors the squeegee for the windows. anthony, let us show them how easy this is >>guest: i fell in love with this x5
2:05 pm
because it is continuous scheme and it is lightweight and it is easy to use. -- continuous scheme. we setting 1-44 is the highest i will put this to setting #1. this will hold 13.5 ounces of water. when you turn it on you will have scheme almost instantly. when you combine the power of steam with microfiber you have a clean without chemicals when the you use this on floors use the lowest setting. do not saturate the floors. it is quick, easy, hot. the microfiber13 dirt and then the microfiber locks it in. you willeceive a streak free shine every time. that the
2:06 pm
planet floor but i want to show you something sticky. -- look at this it is quick and easy, it cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes at the same times without using chemicals on your floor. you will get a streak free shine. you can see on the bottom of the mop you have the mess. they go into the washing machine de are machine washable and they are reusable. here is the coral mopping bad that is available today that is fantastic for a lot of mopping.this is not just a floor steamer, it is a fantastic handheld steamer as well. people always ask me how i can clean hardwood floors, use
2:07 pm
the power c13 from the x5 on oak, teak, it does not make a difference. i have saved the best for last, but this is tile. this the st. free shine without chemicals. you can see these shine and the scene if you look closely you might be able to see charlie sh. [laughter] i am being serious. now i will will will go to the handheld steamer it also includes a carpet de lighter. -- carpet lighter -- glider if you want to refresh yourvcarpets the steam will penetrate the nap of the carpet
2:08 pm
and help it to look like. just as floor steamer it is worth the wait in gold. i did so excited by this bill brain. >>host: green >>host: this helps to 99 percent of the coli, salmonella, and other east causing bacteria. up 90% of mold causing bacteria as well. the x5 is brilliant because it hastra hot steam that uses your tap water you do not need distilled water. it will cleanyou buy this for nothing else than to clean the toilet it will be worth its weight in can get this home for $100 and free shipping and
2:09 pm
handling. if they give this as a gift you have january 31, 2013 until you can return. we will show you how easy this is to use on ceramic. we want to hear your testimonials. the number to call is 1-866-376-8255 >>guest: >>guest: my favorite room to use this is in the bathroom. the bathroom is where we usually use the harsh chemicals. here is hand- held unit with the nylon brush. more often than not you have to share your bathroom with the kids or family.when you clean with steam you are
2:10 pm
cleaning, at helping to sanitize and deodorized. if a kid comes over with the sniffleswith that cold use the power of steam to melt that bacteria and viruses away. hold it on 10-20 seconds it will kill it is like bleach without using toxic chemicals. this is a powerhouse that will fit into the balm of your hand. -- palmdrool be honest it is not nice to clean the bathroom. now i will take this off and put on the jet nozzle. you will like this >>host: i really
2:11 pm
like that holster >>guest: it comes with the cradle but you do not need it but if you use this with the next attachment you will love it. this is hose this will give you 5 ft. of steaming reach. this looks clean >>host: it doesc13 >>guest: now i will take an ultraviolet light it shows the bacteria. this is on setting no. 3 right now. if you only use the x5 for the next job of cleaning the toilet i want to welcome you to the world of touch less this is the worst place to clean and the house especially if you have little boy is
2:12 pm
gone up behind the toilet. i have job and how ye cleaning after 50 that was a disgusting dog. this will clean -- job, this will clean and deodorized. you do not have to bend down. this is-the brush with boiling water bill green. now i will wipe this down with a rag. no chemicals, no bleach, no ammonia. we are have use the steam is clean and where i did not it is dirty.we are running low on time people like this action packed presentation. think about your in
2:13 pm
your bathroom. how are you cleaning it now? you use on the back it tells you to leave the room. how can you clean and also leave them? i get excited by this demonstration, it will get away the lime scale >>host: soaps come and the debris and the calcium that builds up it gets it right off >>guest: let the steam loosen and it and let the microfiber locket in. we have a squeegee attachment, hello handsome! you can use that squeeze the squeegee -- in the bathroom and it will be unbelievable. >>host: he would like the strap with the mesh bag itorder. the fastest way is to go to
2:14 pm and click buy now. they could sell out on this presentation based on the experiences the other house have been having today. when this sells out it will not be back for another year. you get the ca [reading] >>host: this is also a jewelry cleaner @ bejeweled restorer uses high-pressure steam like this to clean their jewelry >>guest:now he is in the kitchen ! >>guest: there is nothing you cannot use this on because you of using water. anything you can put water on it you can use the x5. you will
2:15 pm
use this the most in the kitchen that is where the action is. we r cooking three times per day. setting #2 is lightweight and easy to it is powerful it and deodorizes and will clean of pictures in minutes. it will get into the nooks and crannies that art impossible to reach -- fixtures. i will blast the steam and you will see it coming out of the other side. if you want to deodorize a smell you have coming out of the sink use steam instead of a drain cleaner. use this on chrome, stainless steel in your kitchen sink >>host: this is hot steam. i will remind you will not find this configuration anyplace else in america it is
2:16 pm
exclusive to hsn.13 when you called to order this is one of the products that we can claim will still 99% of esalmonella and 90 percent of mo's causing -- mold causing bacteria without bleach or ammonia >>guest: a lot of people cook was rocked again, not raw chicken can make you sick if you do not wash it collectively --a lot of people are cooking chicken raw chicken can make you sick if you do not wash correc-chin way with the power of steam. my devon just turned two years so she has a respiratory
2:17 pm
condition the pediatrician said not to use chemicals around her we have to plug her into oxygen at night so she can sleep.she has a hard time breathing.if you have someone in your house with special needs like i do what asthma turned to the power of steam. it is mother nature is water that comes from this guy you are done using any chemicals. is cleaned and sanitized. come over to the range. gas or not be home on the without the x5.this will get what has burned over and the baked often. look at this. >>host: for some reasons we have 1000 customers of trying
2:18 pm
to order at the same time. i recommend going to and click buy now.what is happening we are still getting calls from the today's special presentation. because otherwise it is about to sell out.look at alle nothing to buy. you can get% the mesh3 at $16.95 to hold it over your shoulder in that it said. you get all accessories to get the mop head, the extension hose, nylon brush, the quarrel mop and we have extract available as well. -- coral mop.the best way to go espy and click buy now. anthony sullivan has gone into hardwood floors to the nasty bathroom, now we are in the kitchen. what is next antthony? >>guest: if you are
2:19 pm
just tuning in a way to show you how easy this is to is just some tap water, when it ran out you will not going to the store to buy more chemical spill that you would like to use the glass and mirror attachment and the 3 ft. extension cord pressure robot in it will cycles through. i have this on setting #2. number one is the lowest i use that on floors no. 4 is the highest i use that on the barbecue grill, i mean use setting #2. you could spend money on just the cleaner for stainless steel but do not do you should use the power of steam. we turkey for thanksgiving and you will probably be cooking for christmas let steam do the work so you do not have to. this all burned
2:20 pm
on end date gone. if you have not clean job of and in 10 years you will to do with the old- fashioned way first. like to stay on top of it that makes it easy.that are no chemicals. you will not have to open the windows like you will with oven cleaner. you will not need gloves because this is just water. let steam left out there and let the microfiber locked it in. there isoof on the pad. that is power of steam. >>host: this is in my opinion one of the best present you can give to your mother or father. if you are a mother cannot scrub on her hands and knees anymore get heard the h2o mop steamer. has in
2:21 pm
an intolerance to cleaners. if use bleach next to me my skin gets red and i eyes turned red and my nose that's to run. this is bill bleach, no chemicals, it is just plain tap water. free shipping and 3 flex payments makes it affordable. this is the product that we are offering that help to remove up 99 percent of the coli, salmonella, indeed causing bacteria. and 90% of mold causing bacteria --and 98%causingbacteria, at 99 percent of st. bacteria. now let us go back to the bathroom >>guest: i come back here because it is
2:22 pm
so hard to get the toilet you have to get your head in there and then reached down and that is nasty you clean with the x5 on setting3 with the exclusive laser. the laser is exclusive to hsn and you cannot get that on the infomercial.e put this together for hsn. i am not an inventor but i did come up with this idea.i brainstorm to see what we could make better. i wanted to will 4 extra reach -- tool for extra reach without having people bend over into the mess.the cradle makes this touch less cleaning. you do is use this for, you will love it. >>host: started at
2:23 pm
hsn working as host exactly the same time. we at america's to the restore that is part of the hsn network.-- jewelry store. they use steam to cleaning gold silver, technibond u.s. simulant >>guest: if you have a nice to the recall election jewelry collection you can safely clean your watch it will get rid of your perspiration and bill thsure that it is water-resistant first. get into the nooks and crannies. now you can just put that right back on >>host: ordered. anthony
2:24 pm
sullivan is showing you the holster is a shoulder strap at with all the people in the ordering process this will sell out in both the white and the other red.3 this is your chance to order this with free and it is under $ are $25 off the hsn price.the retail value is $150. we will show you the different types of flooring. you pick a hard surface. that are very few cleaners that help to 99 percent of e coli, yeastcausing
2:25 pm
bacteria. 98%of moldcausing bacterium when held on the surface for 10-20 seconds >>guest: this is the serious machine. it is hard to clean grout. i have it on setting #3 i will live it down to setting #2.i like ceramic tiles it looks good when grout is clean but no matter how well you seal your grout it always tends to get dirty. lookout easily the hot steam breaks down and penetrates the worst dirt. clean like a professional in your own home. there is a yellow event name stanley that will come to your house he will charge you a lot of money and do a great job, but you
2:26 pm
could do this yourself. the mop handle on this and does her own grout. it glistens the dartloosen the dirt it is there on the rag. another big question i am asked is does this leave a streak freewater? it must leave some sort of mess. un crayon >>host: that is a xy mess >>host: how much time do we have left two minutes >>guest: street free shy and it is the lowest setting #1 --
2:27 pm
streak free shine can see this team is getting hotbethe wax the issue are not using soap it will be steak free.will show you how to drive this is by placing eight tissue down if that was wet it would stick >>host: that is a great demonstration you are the master of demonstrations >>guest: thank you >>host: it is an art for you >>guest: i have a friend in that did not believe that it would not leave water behind. the proof is in the pudding. here is my this blew off the floor >>host: if you have hardwood floors and you have used a mop
2:28 pm
and bucket that is the most dangerous thing that you can use because the water will seep planks and they will start to lift and mold will grow. you can throw the mop head in the washing machine and dryer. over 4500 are gone if you are in the ordering process you might have won.product and you will wonder what it will be like at home. if you had people over for the thanksgiving you probably have to clean your house. christmas and hanukkah at india's is coming that is where we celebrate without friends and families. when january comes you
2:29 pm
will wish to order this before it sells out. we have the color red and white. this is one of the few products that will help to up to 99 percent of e. salmonella yeast 98% mold causing bacteria. how many of us a high chair that kids are touching everything use the power steam with tea x5 steamer >>guest: my little girl bevan is 2 years old a mess making machine -- devon.if you have kids pets, or kids that act like animals you
2:30 pm
should use the power of steam. this is sanitize if sell the barefoot 15-20 seconds. >>host: the white has sold out -- hold it for 1520 seconds it will sanitize >>guest: area it gets filled up with baby food and usjuice and turns into mold. can clean with6 c13 the power of steam. this is not everything. seoul thank you much >>host: we will see you later we have more to come with as seen on tv. right now we have the spotlight [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank to the
2:31 pm
spotlight. we want you to beat the rush and avoid the crowds. get your holiday shopping done at check out the gift store key word gifts find favorite and electronics, up beauty and so much more. we have free shipping and flex pay on select items. check that out now on www.hsn.comommercial]
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[reading] >>host: our buying team will be put this together, it is one of the best products we had offered for people that have a difficult time reaching. you lose something a nail or tack in your carpet this a flashlight with a magnet on the river side -- reverseside something metal
2:33 pm
. we have sold thousands of them we have the final 4000 for the holidays. when they sell out i do not know what will happen.lou caputo is our special guest and this is a great product. it picks up change >>guest: this is amazing is a phenomenal deal for christmas we have all the people that you have to for $20 to get to flashlights this is made by bell + howell in have been around for over 100 years. they are made from their playing grade aluminum. --
2:34 pm
they have 3 led-lighted that are very strong. you have a magnet and the front and back. but wait, there is more. extends 22 in. in length and then you have reduce neck goose neck to point this in any direction this >>host: makes a greating stuffer let us say you are a frames it you just dropped off your nails in the carpet >>guest: you've just found in earring? how many times have you drop the near ring and said it is done. >>host: have never seen this before i think it is so cool >>guest: you do a w
2:35 pm
need a third hand so you have it in malls or under your arm now, at this is like having a third hand with the you can attach it to a metal surface and i the light now you have a third hand to do your job. >>host: is our great for working under the hood of the carpet >>guest: rry one in my glove compartment for that reason. i one in the junk draw up at my house. keep this in your purse. take it wherever you go. here is famous brand of flashlight it is also made of aircraft grade aluminum. the difference is this 1 flashlight cost just as much as these two pack. we have 3 brilliant led this does has one bold. they do not have a magnet and they do
2:36 pm
not extend or have a 2 snack -- aneck this >>host: is an and has 3 ultraright l e d lights id a clip bought with a magnet it allows you to extend 22 in. with a gooseneck be used as a utility meant love flashlights [laughter] men if you. give a man 8 pocket light or a flashlight as a gift they always go crazy, they love them. head look what i can do without getting on a chair. that is a can of tomato paste. that was a can of tuna fish. % all full.
2:37 pm
>>host: am 5 ft. 9 in. on a good day. this will help me reach something and covered -- in the ard. >>guest: we get older bending over is less fun now you can use this to pick up any metal object you may have dropped. think about lot easier that is. how many times do the kids brought something down the drain? if the kids to throw the car keys down the drain you will have light to see where you are going in the magnet will these features 3 l td
2:38 pm
super bright lights that are like daylight. they extend to 22 in. that will it have six great stocking stuffers you can keep this in your backpack or your keep this by your bedside if you have to go to the bathroom you do not have to turn on all the lights you can just use this. kids will love them! >>guest: if you have an office party that you have to get a gift for less than $20. you to love them up less than $20. when they see all that this can do with the magnet on both and is so amazing you can pick things up and find things. how many times have you been working out side and then you drop something in
2:39 pm
the grass? i am moving around the leaves, look what i just found i found a sock it, at here is a screw. look i have found more things, i have and bobby pins also of the things. my point is you will be finding the things that you dropped under the couch or between the car seats is perfect with that i >>host: in intrigue that you can get canned goods off the shelf. this would be great at the grocery store when you cannot reach the last can of mushrooms at the grocery store >>guest: a really good idea bill green >>host: have one >>guest: attrition should have one >>host: engineers >>guest: all the engineers have one >>host: when you
2:40 pm
bought at a restaurant it always rolls under the refrigerator. >>guest: are many different for these. you could spend more a regular flashlight, it here you get to lovethem at one price >>host: $18.95 for a set of tools they are a huge customer pick we have sold over 1000 this hour alone people are ordering multiples. the best way is to go to click buy now that will jumpead of the thousand people in the ordering process. thank caputo. he will be right back with the heat surge fireplace and a minute thank you for orders and your calls. to update you on
2:41 pm
h2o mop x5 we only have the other red left. that sells internationally $149 average elite we bought this land at $99.50, we have only 600 left in red and 1000 people in the order in process. 3 flex payments $33.32 and free shipping. get the extra coral mop heads because it looks like the coral that grows in the ocean. the extra large size replacement heads for the floors, you have to have excessively at13 $24.95 it is a set of 2 with the microfiber that are wider steam heads item #096-444. i am loving this sohow! if
2:42 pm
you are cold and you do not want to go out stores we our beautifully construction amish- made fireplace says. we got the map because it is coldup north and across the united states. i am a stickler for quality. i to hsn as the director as quality assurance. when i see things that have been beautifully constructed with beautiful equipment it makes me crazy in a good way. i have the accent fireplace here, we also have the h2o mop >>guesroll-n-glow. we have two different models. i will explain the difference. the heating system is identical.the amish-made quality is identical. we have given you
2:43 pm
different sizes for different needs. this one measures 29.5 x 9.5 x 26. t is smaller for apartments or condominiums this wine is 10.5 18 x 11 point to 5 x 26. your color choices hard cherry, like oak, and dark oak. we will welcome lou caputo he is the rep for heat surge >>guest: these have been handmade pieces
2:44 pm
of furniture. they are gorgeous that are made by the amish inern ohio by real american people wood. + -- iel american wo we know that the amish do not drive cars or use of electricity. what they do is make beautiful wood cabinets and that is the type of press the ship there talking about here.vcombined with that we have therevenue for this year we have it isevolution and no. 22 the fireplaces. we have made innovations to both of these. to the dark
2:45 pm
coak, we have always had the best flameless flavor. now we have hi-def flame we have more colors. it used to be orange and you can see blue and purple even some green. when the real woodburnsthose of the others that you get. the debt of color is so realistic. -- depth,as is all glass kids cannot touch this. youhave hybrid heating technology that is in all heat surge fireplaces it does not matter which one you are using. >>host: if you have a furnace at home
2:46 pm
with the heat comes out of the floor or a mediator -- radi atorcan put out steam that will dry your house out. feeling of of fireplace because you have never had one growing up, you should try this. this one rolls out of the box >>guest: they come fully assembled out of the box regardless of the one that you get. all you have to do is plug in and sit back and enjoy the heat and the ambiance of a fireplace without the work in hassle. up in the morning and have the luxury of% a fireplace of a kitchen or a bedroom you can have that because as you have wheels. we have
2:47 pm
hybrid thermic heating technology is a combination of convection heating that heats the air like a furnace does at your house and then you have infrared heating heats the objects and the roam. on the left we have a standard space heater with your standard elements on the other side we have the amish with tea infrared heated they are exactly the same size at 250 feet and toes started at 65 degrees. the heat surge side obviously warm. we know that yellow and orange is the color of warm. they come with a control panel here now you can control the aspects. we a built-in thermostat to a desk he did exactly where you want it. you
2:48 pm
also havein remote control -- you can adjust the heat exactly way you want >>host: we have some footage basis so beautiful. they use dove tail craftsmanship for putting this together they treasure their tools like a family heirloom >>guest: they are heirloom as they are passed down from father to grandfather tucson >>host: if you order the heat surge fireplaces in the past we would love to hear your testimonials the number to call is 1-866-376-8255 if you are ordering what you can stay on the line to talk to us. these are so beautiful.we will dim the lights in the second after the heat technology. unlike a ceramic
2:49 pm
heater what a furnaceconditioning system this one works differently it is >>guest: convection and infrared heating it is the domination and that we call hybrid thermic heat technology. youseat ambience of the without any heat. the is not on now. i just put that high that put this all the clock wise that is on high. we have an opticool event -- vent temperature is 420 something degreasees
2:50 pm
and it going up. even though it is over 400 degrees i can run my hand over the front and it will not burn me. that here for kids and pets. you did not want them to be burned. the other space heaters will burn them. the top and sides do not get hot, at the back is not get can put this against a wall with confidence.this >>host: is sunday weekend show what the final weekend before christmas. we 5 flex payments on the heat surge fireplace we would normally reserve that for a today's special. we have a holiday price. we did not do that last year, this the first year. we are saving $30 on the amish-made fireplace
2:51 pm
that we are calling the roll-n-glow, $50 on the roll-n- $30 on the accent that is the smaller version with the same heating system. we have 1200 remaining for the holidays. this cannot be mass- produced because they are made by hand. if they sell out we will not see them till next year >>guest: it will be a while oh yes >>host: cherry, light or dark oak,. this is solid oak is not a particle board >>guest: i have the cherry.n in florida at it gets cold enough in the morning that you what some heat but you do not want to turn on the furnace. here are to fireplace mantels the top is what you get today it is solid comparison in
2:52 pm
the big box dollars. they look a lot like ours but they are not this is particleboard. particleboard is just sawdust and glue. you get craftsmanship of real woodwith this. this will save you money when you practice zoned heating. you will turn the thermostat down for the rest of the house you will only heat the room you are sitting in.because these have wheels you can move it to the room you are in. if you are using your stove and only needed one bernard you would not turn on the rest of the burners but it is like doing that.
2:53 pm
>>host: the home that you are sleeping or living in. it does not make sense to heat up 2000 square feet if you are a living 500 square feet. you wake up at midnight and then you wake up in the morning he would be this in the bedroom. they are beautiful and they look good. they are not dangerous by the fireplace. large home for a $60 a month on your credit card using flex pay. avoid interest on the un charge balance to the credit card. accent and 69 daughter 99 scent flea [laughter] is+ $59.99 for the accent and $69.99 for the roll-n-glowbelievable. lou
2:54 pm
caputo as we dimmed the lights look how real looking that is >>guest: is the most realistic flamed you will see. this is high- definition flames. c13 the dup of colors and the flames is greater we have more colors it is a random pattern it will not repeat itself. there is something about looking at a fire is mesmerizing and hypnotic. my dog thinks this real fireplace. she gets in front of it every time i start it. >>guest: this has been improved, they use this in the movies. they use graphic images like this that look believable but are also safe.the heating element is not like the ceramic
2:55 pm
heater as of yesterday. you can literally put your skin against and it will not burn you because of the heating that mechanism >>guest: a new look at this that the highest setting 5000 what is a lot of btu'sthan enough to heat outa 18 x that is the big room. is on wheels a you can roll this from one room to the other. >>guest: >>host: you are a profession also give our customers 5 reasons why this better than the rest >>guest: number when you get the irish craftsmanship. that is huge. no. 2 if it
2:56 pm
is the wheels --craftsmanship the third reason isc13 hybrid heating technology. the fourth reason is the remote control. elastic reason is you get the ambiance of of fireplace without the work clean that. those were five real good reasons. ost: is will work in a traditional what a modern home. this is not a space heater is a fireplace on wheels. if you a single woman and you cannot call anyone to the space heater a round. this can be pushed, i can even use the foot >>guest: rather have a radiator fireplace. it is christmas time, in florida we do not a lot of fireplaces. i use
2:57 pm
this to hang my christmas stockings. >>host: poor children and the south that have never had a fireplace will love this >>guest:you can get an additional piece for the roll-n- fireplace it makes it more of a permanent installation and you have a draw for storage. >>host: the glide on this is amazing. you can store all the way to the it you have a trap door with the remote control lives. i recommend you go to that is the best place to shop. we are one of the top 10 internet sites.we have had a big cold situation for an hour -- hold. if
2:58 pm
you have been calling the network to place your order right now is better to go to your can download the application by dialing star star h sn.what to show you the temperature >>guest: put out almost 400 degrees. that is tremendous heat coming out of there. i can put my fingers on there and it will not burn me. you will receive a tremendous amount of heat that will be safe and clean. real fireplace without the hassle 0 work. >>host: this price has been reduced the shipping and handling is for free. 5 flex payments. dark oak light oak from the accent or the original roll-n-- glow. that looks
2:59 pm
like a fireplace. you could put this against the wall andgarlic and are rounded it will not melt pena christmas stockings. this will be great. not put chocolate next to the heating element [laughter] >>guest: put it to the side of the event and it will be perfectly fine >>host: solid wood construction that you will love. if you would like the hearth the draw at the bottom would bushel do that. we also have a portrait 1 we had >>guest: one that you hang on the wall and has the same heating element as these. >>host: they are brilliant we have your trays of colors that are very limited. that are only 10 remaining in lighhtblack, at 80 in cherry, and 80 in the bhopaldark


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